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A guide to the street names of Brynmawr - The town of Brynmawr is very young, no more than about 200 years old. St Mary’s Church for example celebrated 100 years in the year 2000. We must also remember that the main part of the town was planned, this is not some haphazard built centre, it was laid out on a grid system.

A Great Fire in Brynmawr 1912 - By Edwin Lewis Jones

Reproduced with permission from the Blaenau Gwent Heritage Forum Journal -  Issue No.1 September 2007

One Morning in May, 1959 - By Norman Griffiths

Reproduced with permission from the Blaenau Gwent Heritage Forum Journal -  Issue No.5 June 2009

The Gullies & Lanes of Nantyglo - By Eifion Lloyd Davies

Reproduced with permission from the Blaenau Gwent Heritage Forum Journal -  Issue No.3  June 2008

Bus Services in Monmouthshire & Gwent before 1947- By Norman Griffiths

Reproduced with permission from the Blaenau Gwent Heritage Forum Journal -  Issue No.8  December 2010

The Quaker Influences

The quaker influences on the educational and social changes at Brynmawr.

Memories of Ty Sara - By Pearl G Jones

Memories of young people meeting at Ty Sara, near Llangattock during the Depression

Reminiscences of Brynmawr.

This file has been downloaded from the National Library of Wales 'Brycheiniog' Journal Vol: 16 (1972) and are the reminiscences of John. C.Bainton, as told to his daughter, Mabel. E.Robinson - Librarian, Brynmawr

The Public Houses and Inns of Brynmawr in 1859 - By Eifion Lloyd Davies.

A list of the Inns and Public Houses in 1859 and their publicans and where possible, the street address. Sadly some have been demolished but many are today private houses. Beer retailers or Beer House of 1859 are not listed.

Nantyglo & Blaina - By Eifion Lloyd Davies.

The story of a departed industry.

Anti-Chartist Meeting at Coalbrook Vale

On Monday, the 29th April, 1839, the inaugural meeting of the Anti-Chartist meeting was held and among the 5,000 or more present in attendance were some of the oldest and respected inhabitants of the area.

Who killed Suzy after Breakfast ?

This is an account of a murder that took place here in Brynmawr in 1870, it will include the evidence given by many people who were either involved or knew the accused and victim.

The Lion of Judah - By Eifion Lloyd Davies

Brynmawr’s Jewish Community and “The Lion of Judah”

Gunpowder explosion at Brynmawr - By Eifion Lloyd Davies

A calamitous explosion of gunpowder took place at Chapel Street on Friday 14th of January 1870 

Idris Table Water & Soft Drinks - By Eifion Lloyd Davies (from notes by Edwin.L.Jones)

The story of Thomas Howell Williams who was born in Vallen in Pembrokeshire

Quoits in Brynmawr - By Eifion Lloyd Davies

The history of the game of quoits in Brynmawr

The Lost Names of Brynmawr - By Eifion Lloyd Davies

The old street and building names of Brynmawr

Beaufort Toll Gate - By Eifion Loyd Davies

Brynmawr and the problem with the toll gate sited at Beaufort Hill

Jones the Flannel - By Eifion Loyd Davies (addition information by Mrs Gwyneth Sims)

Some years ago David Sims was interviewed about the beginnings of his haberdashery shop in Beaufort Street, Brynmawr. The following information is taken from that interview

The Boots Committee

Images scanned from a ledger of the Boots Committee, who gave boots to deserving children in the 1930's

Presentation at Brynmawr - By Eifion Lloyd Davies 

 Chartist days recalled.

The Brynmawr Swimming Baths - By Eifion Lloyd Davies

The story of how the Brynmawr Swimming Baths was built by entirely voluntary labour

Tabor Chapel- By Eifion Lloyd Davies

The history of Tabor Chapel and its refurbishment in 2017

Brynmawr  Born, Brynmawr Bred - By Frank Westall

 A poem about growing up in Brynmawr in the 1950/1960's

Coal - A poem by Mark Lewis

 Whose parents grew up in Brynmawr

St Marys Church in Brynmawr -  NEW -  added October 2020

 Its' trials and tribulations

Memories of Llanelly Hill; its Hamlet and People-  NEW  - added October 2020

 (The following are the memories of Mr. William James Williams. These were written in 1970 when Mr. Williams was 70 years old.

We'll keep a welcome       NEW  - added October 2020

The life story of Sidney John Grant who was born in Brynmawr in 1907

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