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Brynmawr Swimming Baths

The Work began to convert the rubbish tip upon which the pool and the surrounding park was built, about two years prior, but it wasn't until the Summer of 1931 when teams of workers from the local unemployed, volunteers from across Europe and the United States, and  student volunteers from across Britain, that things really came together, the pool was opened in July 1932

The Brynmawr Swimming Baths - By Eifion Lloyd Davies

The story of how the Brynmawr Swimming Baths was built by entirely voluntary labour.

Please click on the link to download a PDF file.

Construction of Brynmawr Swimming Baths

Photo 01           -   Looking towards Bath mountain showing the leat that brought water to the baths.

Photo 02          -   On top of Bath Mountain there are four people

Photos 10 & 13 - Looking towards the backs of the houses on Windsor Road

Photo 14           -  Looking down on the Baths from Bath Mountain

Photo 15           - Aerial view of the baths, note the changing rooms are in place

People working at the Service Civil Voluntaire Camp

Photo 1 - Maud Hale of Nantyglo

Photo 2 - Dora Scott (Peter Scott’s wife), Maud Hale, Inge Sletten, Audrey Wilson, Ted Bigland

Photo 3 - the man on the right (possibly Hans Bergman) was killed during riots in Berlin in 1932.    

Photo 4 - Nauser Idolf ( Kant Zurich Switzerland)  &  Maud Hale, Nantyglo      

Photo 5 -  Dorothy Pfeiffer ( German)                                                                            

Photo 6 - Dan Menton, Inge Sletten, Ernst Poulter       

The Swimming Baths which opened in July 1932

This is a copy of the card sent by a French students to his/her parents. He/she was one of the volunteers at the camp in 1931. To the right of the photo is the well remembered land mark known as “The camel’s hump”. The houses were known as Coal Tar Houses.

The Swimming Baths after closure

The Swimming Baths site in January 2017

These ten photos are a selection of ground and aerial photos taken by Gwyn Jenkins, they were posted on his Facebook page 'Gwyn's Now and Then Aerial Photos' and he has given his permission for them to be used.

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