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About Brynmawr

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Market Square Colour.jpg

The History of Brynmawr

• At just over 1000 feet above sea level, Brynmawr is a very young town, planned on a grid system and only about 200 years old

Beaufort Street near Connops.jpg

Streets & Buildings Page 1

• Images of Beaufort Street     and Market Square

King Street.jpg

Streets & Buildings Page 2

• Images of King Street,          Alma Street, George            Street, Station Road:etc

Plaque of King Edward on Davies Street.j

The Lost Names

• Names of streets,   buildings etc in Brynmawr

 that are no longer in use

Market Hall 2015.jpg

The Market Hall

• The history of the Market Hall and images over the years up to the present day

Griffin Hotel in 1980's.jpg

The Griffin Hotel

•  History of the Griffin hotel   from its original to its         present day location, and

  images through the years

Photo 05 - Swimming Baths about 1938.jpg

The Swimming Baths

• Construction of the baths

• The baths in use

• The baths after demolition

• Present aerial views of site

Board School 1940s.jpg


• Images through the years    of  some of the schools        in Brynmawr

Bethesda Alma Street.jpg

Churches & Chapels

 • Images over the years of     some of the churches and   chapels in Brynmawr


Eifion Davies.jpg

Brynmawr Heritage Walk

• Youtube video of a walk around the Joseph Bailey Trail  with  Eifion Lloyd Davies.

Aerial View Brynmawr 2018 01.jpg

Brynmawr Aerial Views

• Aerial views taken of the area from the 1960's to the present day

Bus Stat Demolition Feb 2000 4.jpg

Demolished & Renovated

• Images of buildings

 that have been demolished and renovated in Brynmawr


Roy Francis

• Preserving the history of     Roy Francis in Brynmawr


Dr Who

• Dr. Who came to brynmawr in 1973

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