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The opening of the Board School

to open a PDF file of the opening of the school in 1903, please click on the following link

Other Schools


Nursery School 

Brynmawr Nursery School 1933/1934

The following twelve photos of the nursery school were provided by Brian Churchward.

Eifion Lloyd Davies plans to write a history of the school to accompany these photos

The David Rhydderch Award

Two schools in Brynmawr annually present the David Rhydderch Award for progress and achievement in reading.                    It was started in 1980 after money was invested and the annual interest on the investment would be used to present chosen pupils with an award to show that they had worked diligently throughout the year to improve their reading skills.

To find out more about the award, please click on the link to view/download a PDF file.

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