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 Photographs and paintings on Stairs

Stairs 02.jpg
Stairs 04.jpg
Stairs 01.jpg
Stairs 05.jpg
Stairs 07.jpg
Stairs 06.jpg
stairs 03.jpg
Stairs 09.jpg
stairs 08.jpg

Individual images of just some of the photographs and paintings shown above, were  taken with a mobile phone, they were then edited to straighten and enhance them, and given new "frames"  - they are displayed below.

Sketches May 2022.jpg
Men of Tabor Chapel 1915-18.jpg
Unknown May 2022.jpg
Gwilym Morgan May 2022.jpg
Lyons Row Nantyglo May 2022.jpg
Gilwern Wharf C 1830.jpg
Clydach Ironworks May 2022.jpg
Clydach Ironworks Drawing.jpg
Choir May 2022.jpg
Cllr Marie Jones May 2022.jpg
Clydach Gorge.jpg
Brynmawr Rubber Factory May 2022.jpg
Beaufort Street 1919.jpg
Brynmawr Library.jpg
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