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There are a lot of items in the museum from Brynmawr's Past.

Why not come and see some of these items which have been kindly donated? Exhibits include: School Photographs, Medical Equipment, Church & Chapel China, Police Uniforms, Scout & Guide Uniforms, Sporting Cups & Equipment, Civic Shields, WWI & WWII photographs, children's toys, church artifacts and many other items.

Below are a few examples, however pop in to witness the full range of artifacts that we hold.

(please click on each image to visit the displays)

Ground Floor displays
2021 April Groundfloor 02.jpg
First Floor displays
2021 April first floor 06.jpg


Exhibits One

8 Schoolgirl & Teacher.jpg

Brynmawr Furniture

1 Brynmawr Furniture.jpg


Exhibits Two

Saxon bottles.jpg

The Brynmawr Experiment

Brynmawr Experiment 2.png


Exhibits Three

1 Toys & Games.jpg

The Jewish Community

Hebrew Congregation 1923_4.jpg

Photographs/paintings  on the Stairs

Stairs 05.jpg
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