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Gwalia Works - Brynmawr Furniture

Taken from  a recent Brynmawr Historical Society newsletter - by Eifion Lloyd Davies

Ivan and Janet Jones (Ivan is a past treasurer of the society) informed us that he had a Brynmawr table. This was an “out of catalogue” piece, a small round oak coffee/occasional table with “Isle of Man” legs. It has the factory badge and was purchased from Jake Powell store on Station Road by Dennis and Sheila Cross (Janet’s parents). The shop today is Robert’s Florist. Jake Powell was Ann Axford’s father. (Ann is a committee member and past Chairperson of the society).

As it’s described as out of catalogue, this possibly implies the item was a trial piece and never went into production. The table was refurbished in the late 1960s by Elijah L. Werrett (Eli) who lived on Glamorgan Street. He was one of the original factory workers whose name was "drawn out of the hat" to meet Mrs Neville Chamberlain. 

Eli was also a past chairman of the Historical Society. After it was refurbished Sheila eventually passed it on to Janet.

To learn more about Brynmawr Furniture and view the displays, please visit the Museum page, by clicking on the following link.

The photographs below, have been taken  from "The Peoples Collection Wales" website, using

the 'Creative Archive Licence' which allows them to be use for non-commercial purposes 

Photo 01 - Brynmawr Furniture Poster

Photo 02 - Brynmawr Furniture Poster

Photo 03 - Furniture design

Photo 04 - Furniture manufacture

Photo 05 - Ynysddu Armchair     

Photo 06  - Ynysddu Armchair and Talybont Chest 

Photo 07  - (Furniture on display at Lewis's

Photo 08  - Department Store in Manchester)


Boot Factory

Tuf Footwear Factory

Emag Factory

Emag were the last owners of the factory at the end of Intermediate Road, previous owners were :-

RCA International, Control Data Corporation, Xidex and Anacomp.

The buildings were demolished during late 2008.

 When the factory was owned by Control Data Corporation

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