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Museum News 


As well as the usual local visitors, we have been pleased to again greet visitors from further afield:


Several visits were made by representatives of Ludlow Museum who are researching furniture designed by Arthur Reynolds, the designer who followed Paul Matt and who designed the walnut collection. They are making a short documentary on the Reynolds furniture and the connection with the Brynmawr Experiment. They spent some time in the furniture store where we have four items of that collection in storage. They were impressed with the furniture and the information we were able to give them.  They undertook to supply us with a copy of the film when it is completed.


Another visitor with a Brynmawr Experiment connection was Paul Morgan whose great, great aunt and uncle were Sally Matt (neé Morgan) and Paul Matt (Mr Morgan said that he had been named Paul after Paul Matt).  They live in Inverness and were in the area on a nostalgic visit and planned to see the Twyncynhorddy cottages where Paul Matt lived in the 1930’s and where he met his wife, Sally.  They were very interested in the furniture collection and took several photographs.


Three visitors with an even older connection with Brynmawr were the grandson of Johnny Morris (known as the Jeweller of the Hills) his great grandson and his great-great grandson.  They were also in the area to visit the Jewish Cemetery.



Continue to be popular and very successful, and one of our major sources of income.




Sixteen of our eighty-four Members attended.  In a way, understandable since a number of our Members do not live locally. 


Pursuant to Paragraph 12.1 of the Company’s Articles of Association John Hill; Sandra Plaister and Alan Williams being the longest serving, had submitted their resignations.


Pursuant to Paragraph 12.8 of the Company’s Articles of Associations, they indicated that they were willing to be re-appointed should no other nominations be received.  No other nominations having been received, it was unanimously RESOLVED that John Hill; Sandra Plaister and Alan Williams be re-appointed Directors and Trustees of the Brynmawr & District Museum Society for the year 2023/2024.


Merryl Caleb was re-appointed Chair; John Hill was re-appointed Treasurer and Vivienne Williams was re-appointed Company Secretary for the 2023/24 year.

APRIL 18th 2024

The Museum was very pleased to welcome pupils from Blaenycwm Primary School yesterday as part of their World War 2 curriculum. As can he seen by the photos they had a great time trying on some of the artifacts and discovering interesting facts about that unpleasant time.

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