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Milllerman Walking

This page has been created with the kind permission of Paul Miller, who has taken many photographs in and around the Clydach Gorge, on his "Millerman Walking Travels"

May 22nd 2022

From Brynmawr down the Fairy Glen and across to the Dram Road then down to Devil's Waterfall and up the other side to the quarry and cave before crossing the A465 again to Clydach Ironworks and up to the viaduct and the Stairway to Heaven and back to Brynmawr.

May 7th 2022

Ten mile walk from Brynmawr down the Fairy Glen and across to the Dram Road then an up and down to the Devil's Waterfall then across to the Station and Viaduct before dropping down to Clydach Ironworks and the Cauldron Pools then back up the incline to the top Dram Road back to Brynmawr.

May 2nd 2022

6 mile walk from Brynmawr to Waunllapria on the Dram Road and back.

April 9th 2022

A seven mile walk following Derek the Weatherman's route from Brynmawr down the gorge as far as the Cauldron Pools and return...there needs to be a ski lift back up the incline from the pools

March 29th 2022 Hafod Arch

A five mile walk from the Jack Williams VC bridge past Fairy Glen before crossing the gorge to the Dram Road on the opposite side then drop down to the Devil's Waterfall and back up Blackrock to Brynmawr

 March 20th 2022

Brynmawr to Llangattwg Escarpment

 March 16th 2022

Nice circular route from Gilwern Wharf to Clydach Ironworks then up to the Dram Road, down to the Devil's Bridge and across the gorge to climb up to the Lonely Shepherd and back down to Gilwern.

 March 13th 2022

A cracking ten mile walk from Brynmawr to the Llangattwg Escarpment looking down on Crickhowell and return today!!

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