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Industrial Remnants - Page 2

The Nantyglo Ironworks Casting House

Thought to be  the only surviving casting house of the Nant y Glo Ironworks.

It became a Sunday School, part of Rehobeth chapel in Brynmawr, now a  private house.

The company shop at Nant y Glo on Market Row

The workers at Nantyglo were paid in tokens (instead of the coin of the realm) which could only be exchanged for goods at the Company Shop.

The two chapels below are not really  industrial remnants but are closely associated with the Iron Industry at Nantyglo.

Horeb Chapel

Built in 1819 at Caban Gwyn, not far from the Round Towers of Nantyglo, Non conformist meetings held here, they became so popular it was decided to move to a new site and so they built Rehobeth Chapel in Brynmawr. The chapel then became a dwelling house.

Rehobeth Chapel

 Rehobeth Chapel at King Street Brynmawr was built in 1827, because Horeb Chapel

had become too small for the growing congregation, and many of its members moved

to Rehoboth.  The Chapel was demolished in 2004.


Gravestone 01 Inscription starts ;-

"To the memory of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, Sons of John & Mary Williams of Nant-y-Glo, all at one birth. Died June

23rd 1832"

Such a sad tombstone, they must have died at birth or even born dead and baptised with the names of the Apostles, so they could enter Heaven.


Gravestone 02 - The Welsh inscription  translates

 "No one is to open this grave...."


May be a cholera grave?


The last image is of the  "Rehobeth Chapel Caretaker Rules."

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