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Then and Now

The following photographs/prints  show how the town and surrounding area looked in past years and how they look today.

    Then           |     Now                                  

Photo 1  - Beaufort Street (Year Unknown)

Photo 2 - Beaufort Street in 1950

Before it became a one-way street with double yellow lines, note the "topless" gas lamp stand on the left.

Photo 1  - Brynmawr Baths Circa 1938

Photo 2 - This was once a filtering system, put there by Brynmawr Urban District Council. The water from the stream would be the fountain, which settled in the top dish, cleaner water would overflow into the next dish and then the clean water went into the swimming pool.

Photo 1  - Market Square in 1895

The Castle pub on the left was demolished to make way for the New Griffin Hotel

Photo 2 -  Market Square in the late 1920's

Notice how the unemployed gathered in groups to discuss the problems of the day.

Photo 1  - The Bridgend Inn - Bottom left and Brynmawr County School in the centre of the photo.

Photo 1  - Pensioners in the Heathcock

Rest, which was opposite W.Weeks Slaughterhouse, which no longer exists.

Photo 1  - KIng Street (Year Unknown)

Jones the Chemist on the right, up the steps, Millards Shop on the left and the Cosy Cinema further up on the left

Photo 1  - George Street 1905

Its earlier name was Worcester Street West , on the left of the photo is the Mission Church of the Good Shepherd which was opened on 1st January 1890.

Photo 1  -  The text reads " In January 1870, a young boy named Evan Herbert was sent to David Watkins' Warehouse at the rear of Libanus Chapel, in the warehouse, were stored barrels of black powder which were sold to the miners. It is believed the young boy struck a match, causing an explosion, causing the death of a young girl named Leach who was struck by a stone. Libanus, Calvary  and Primitive Methodist in Orchard Street were damaged by the explosion.

Photo 1  - Station Road (Late 1920's)

Showing the Lucania Billiard Hall which later became the RAOB Club.

This was a good trading position for shops such as Brests' Furniture Shop, because people travelling to and from Brynmawr Railway Station had to pass along this road.

Photo 1  - The Old Clydach Railroad

This photo taken 1n 1930 from Joby's Pitch, clearly shows the Old clydach Railroad which ran from Gilwern to Beaufort Ironworks and was constructed in 1794.

Photo 1  - Nantyglo Ironworks

A 19th Century Painting by Henry Gastineau

Photo 3  - Beaufort Street 2014

Photo 3  - Site of Brymawr Baths 2014 - Unrecognisable now !

Photo 3  - Market Square 2014

Photo 3  - Bridge End Inn 2014

The inn is still there, but the school is long gone.

Photo 2  - Site of the Rest in 2014

Just a patch of waste ground now.

Photo 2 - King Street 2014.

Photo 2  - George  Street 2014.

Photo 2  - Libanus Chapel 2014


Photo 2  - Station Road 2014

Photo 2 - The Old Tram Road 2014

For many years this has been the location for the roundabout for the A465 Heads of the Valleys Road, soon to change when the A465 Dualling work commenced in 2015.

Photo 2  - Site of  Nantyglo Ironworks 2014


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