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Early Industry

Early iron histort accross the Heads of the Valleys

Nantyglo Ironworks from copper engraving 1835 fingertip  (4) Casting House Nantyglo Iron  (1) L-59 Semtex Factory L-62 Tuf Footwear factory 3 Hafod_Arch_-_Clydach_Railroad Baileys Tramroad 01 Roundhouse Tower 2011 (2)

Clydach Railroad

History of the Clydach Railroad

Modern day photos of the area


The Brynmawr Rubber Factory by Norman Griffiths

Brynmawr Boiler House

Demolition of the factory


History of Iron and Steel

History of the South Wales Iron Industry

Industrial Remnants 1

The Patches

The Finger Tips

The Bell Pits

The Shepherd's Rest

Industrial Remnants 2

Nantyglo Ironworks Casting House

The Company Shop at Nantyglo

Horeb Chapel

Rehobeth Chapel

Other Industries

Brynmawr Furniture Factory

Tuf Footwear

The Hafod Arch 

The site of the Hafod Ardch and links to other websites.

Restoration work on the arch

Clydach Ironworks

The site of the Clydach Ironworks

Smarts Bridge

Remeniscences of Clydach Ironworks

Baileys Tramroad

Baileys Tramroad - The Hafod Brynmawr

Tom's Thumb

The Hafod inscribed stones

The Lonely Shepherd - Pica Stone

Nantyglo Round Towers

Nantyglo Round Towers

Ty-Mawr (Roundhouse) Farm

Site of Ty-Mawr Mansion

Crawshay Baileys Grave - Llanfoist Church

L-85 asda store being built

From Semtex to Lakeside

The creation of housing and the Retail Development Park on the old factory site

Clydach Ironworks Oct 2017  (11) Clydach Ironworks Oct 2017  (10)

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